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Author of the #1 International Bestseller

‘Never Work Again’

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Erlend Bakke is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur, #1 international bestselling author & speaker. Erlend is a seasoned entrepreneur and turnaround expert that helps companies go from loss to profits in 90 days or less. He currently owns the following three companies; Mr. Outsource, 3sixty, and 3sixtyfactory. He spends most of his time between Oslo, London, and Davao City in the Philippines, but is available to speak at venues all over the world depending on availability.

Hardcore MBA is Erlend´s business podcast where he interviews world class entrepreneurs, experts and interesting personalities.

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Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

“If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur then Never Work Again will help you find your passion – the passion that will be the key to your success.”

Mark Anastasi

Mark Anastasi

Author of The Laptop Millionaire
#1 New York Times Bestseller

“Erlend’s book makes building a virtual business simple. Great practical steps, whether you plan to run your business from home or from the beach! If you liked ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ you’ll love Never Work Again.”

Erlend’s – Formula
Automation + Outsourcing


Never Work Again

Why Get It?

You Will Never Work Again will tell you how to start your own
no-money down business by following one of a number of
blueprints; how to create habits that will save you time and
enable your business to work more efficiently; and how to
automate and outsource your business, leveraging other
people’s time for your own benefit, to allow you to start
living the life you really want. But more than this,
Never Work Again explores the meaning of the good
life, and encourages you to examine your own
motivations and desires in order to determine your
true purpose and path in life – so you can discover
the real meaning of freedom.

Weekly Interviews

with World Leading

Entrepreneurs & Experts

Zero to 7 Figures? Then you are in the right place because Hardcore MBA focuses on topics that will help the wantrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owner go from zero to 7 figures. We learn from millionaire entrepreneurs, NAVY Seals, Zen Masters and many more world class experts to become masters of business.



With 3sixtyfactory, we guaranteed high quality picture editing at a low cost. Our editors have years of experience and training in editing photographs. We have provided image editing services to companies across the world, from the UK and USA, to India and the rest of Asia – wherever you’re located, 3sixtyfactory can work for you.

At 3sixty – Creators of Product Communications we are always working on finding innovative solutions for creating better online experiences by delivering interactive product photography in both 360° and 3D. Specializing in 360° and 3D product photography and we can animate any products from shoes to people as well as small and large objects.

At Mr. Outsource, we connect busy people with virtual personal assistants who are passionate about making their clients’ lives better. Whether it’s finding a great apartment in a hot market, or helping manage your busy calendar, your dedicated Virtual Assistant is there to make your life easier.

Get ‘Outsourcing Mastery’ for FREE

Available Now!

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Steven Essa

Steven Essa

Webinar Expert, International Speaker
Webinar Software Developer

“Erlend knows how to wow the crowd and educate them about complex business strategies at the same time. If you are looking for a speaker that knows how to automate and outsource a business Erlend is the go to person.”

Marianne Otterstad Møller

Marianne Otterstad Møller

President JCI Norway

“We were thrilled to have Erlend speak at our JCI event in Oslo about the skillset and mindset entrepreneurs need to succeed. We found him professional and easy going at the same time. We would love to have him back to speak again.”

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